The goal of our quarterly reviews is to address topics that we think are most important for our clients to understand. This time, an about-face:  these are responses to questions that our clients have been posing in recent roundtable events.  The thing is, the questions were consistently of a kind. Almost all were about inflation and oil prices:  Why will they rise?  And how does that even work?  Inflation is the greatest threat that investors can face, but is not widely acknowledged, or is largely dismissed. By the time it is recognized, it will be too late. And more importantly for us, the workings of inflation are not well understood, but really should be, and it might be that the immediacy and frankness of a Q & A session will be more illuminating and accessible. That’s “what’s inside,” along with supplementary information and how to incorporate the sorts of business models that can be sound in any environment, but are particularly poised to flourish in the years to come.

Download: 2nd Quarter 2020 Commentary