About Horizon Kinetics

Our long-term, contrarian, fundamental value investment philosophy is at the core of everything we do. Since our Firm was founded in 1994, we have consistently provided differentiated investment products to our clients.
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Independent Research

Our investment choices are driven by our proprietary research. We believe in the importance of a formal research process, culminating in the production of detailed reports for both internal use and publication.
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Income Investing

For many of our clients, income generation is a major, if not the primary goal for their investment portfolios. As with other investment strategies, the most prudent and fruitful income investing strategies vary based on specific opportunities that changing market conditions make available. This requires a focused, independent research process.
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Cryptocurrencies, enabled by the march of technology, appear to have the possibility of becoming an asset class unto themselves. If so, that would be a signal event in the investing realm, with few historical parallels. The implications could affect every investor. Horizon Kinetics has been authoring research on cryptocurrencies since 2015. A certain depth of understanding is requisite to navigate this burgeoning and important arena, and it is important to do so with an appropriate analytical and historical framework.
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Our Individual Clients

Tailored investment portfolios and wealth planning services helping individuals and families achieve their long-term financial goals.
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Our Institutional Clients

Long-term, consistent, institutional-quality track records across equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes utilizing Horizon Kinetics’ independent research.
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