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Important Risk Disclosures

Horizon Kinetics LLC is parent company to Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC (the “Firm”), an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Firm manages a variety of investment products including separately managed accounts (“SMAs”).

There are risks associated with investing in an SMA which may include, but are not limited to, the account: (1) at times being highly concentrated and thus susceptible to a greater degree of loss than if otherwise diversified in a larger amount of holdings; (2) holding securities that are speculative, illiquid and for which there may not be an active market, thus exhibiting a greater degree of volatility than non-speculative and more liquid securities; (4) investing in products that are sponsored or managed by third parties, which may impose their own underlying fees, thereby reducing an investor’s overall return; (5) investing in non-investment grade debt securities (i.e., junk bonds) which are subject to greater credit risk, price volatility and risk of loss than investment grade securities; (6) holding options, which carry special risks including the imperfect correlation between the value of the option and the value of the underlying asset; (7) investing in foreign securities, which generally involve more risk than U.S. investments, including the risk of currency fluctuations, political and economic instability and differences in financial reporting standards; and (8) investing in small and medium sized companies, which may experience higher degrees of volatility and price fluctuations than larger companies. This list of risks is not exhaustive, investors should review additional potential risks with their client relationship manager prior to investing.

Certain of our strategies may not appropriate for investors who have investment time horizons of less than 5 years. The Firm may not necessarily fully invest a client account immediately after it is funded. There can be no assurance that any individual securities mentioned on this website will comprise a holding in an account.

As always, you should consider the investment objective, strategy, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing