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Cryptocurrency Risks:
The material below contains information on cryptocurrencies or investment products that provide exposure to cryptocurrencies. The value of a particular cryptocurrency is determined by the supply of and demand for the cryptocurrency in the global market in which such cryptocurrency trades, which consists of transactions on electronic exchanges which are not currently regulated by any U.S. regulator. Pricing on electronic cryptocurrency exchanges and other venues can be volatile and can adversely affect the value of the cryptocurrency being transacted. Currently, there is relatively small use of cryptocurrencies in the retail and commercial marketplace in comparison to the relatively large use by speculators, thus contributing to price volatility that could adversely affect an investment portfolio’s direct or indirect investments in cryptocurrencies. Also, transactions in cryptocurrencies are irrevocable, and stolen or incorrectly transferred cryptocurrencies may be irretrievable. As a result, any incorrectly executed cryptocurrency transactions could adversely affect the value of an investment portfolio’s direct or indirect investment in such cryptocurrency. Only investors who can appreciate the risks associated with an investment should invest in cryptocurrencies or products that offer cryptocurrency exposure. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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