Cryptocurrency vs. Consensus Money: Technology vs. Credibility

Government Suppression and Consensus Money: What the Government Really Thinks

Cryptocurrency Global Open Floor Idea Exchange – Real Questions from Real People

Bitcoin and Legal Tender (and Fraud, Hacking and Government Suppression)

It’s Not Just Bitcoin – An Introduction to Ripple (XRP)

If Some News Falls in the Forest, and No One Hears It, Is it Still News?

Reflections on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency and Sociology

Bitcoin Cash Commentary

Basic Principles: Are Cryptocurrencies a Fad?

Bitcoin Commentary

Bitcoin & the “Fork”

Introduction to the Rise of a New Asset Class: Bitcoin, a Cryptocurrency

Comments on the Recent Bitcoin Activity – Much Ado About Nothing

The Dispute Between Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin Core

Cryptocurrency Versus Fiat Money

Bitcoin and Metcalfe’s Law

Review of Bitcoin

True Contingency Investing and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Halving Date

Bitcoin vs. Auroracoin

Bitcoin Wallet Growth

The Question of Interest Rates and Cryptocurrency

Interest Rates, Hedge Funds and the Rise of the Artificial Asset Class

The Rise of the Artificial Asset Class

Technical Problems of a Fixed Money Supply

Bitcoins and the “Unbanked”

An Emerging Asset Class

The Most Volatile Asset Correlated With Nothing

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